Gaining weight is always easy even for celebrities it is the cutbacks of it all that is often hard for many, while some remain in their hefty bodies some wise up and lose some of it, thus aging gracefully with no health and weight related issues and obesity to worry about. Let me tell you about celebrities who gained weight.

Val Kilmer is one male celebrity who has gone through a series of dramatic weight changes in a spun of eight years. For instance, in 2007 the once handsome and sexy man went from cute to fat chubby chick cakes. In 2011 the Top Gun actor and lead singer of the movie The Door made a tremendous weight gain of up to 270 pounds. However, of recent he has made some amazing weight change that all women would drool over as he is once the handsome and fit guy who played the role of Batman in Batman. So the handsome man is one of those celebrities who gained weight.

Celebrities who gained weightCelebrities who gained weightCelebrities who gained weight

Another celebrity who gained weight and even bans from most Las Vegas restaurants is Britney Spears. The once idolized singer went from slim to basically fat back in 2004 while married to Kevin Federline. And by 2009 she was excessively big and had gained so many pounds which were blamed entirely on her depression as well as her pregnancy. For Britney her weight gain has not been easy to shed off up to now, the struggle with it is real and has even had some great effect on her music tours such as her 2011 Femme Fatale Tour.

Janet Jackson is not also a stranger to weight gain despite her energizing stage presence. She however, went through this stage for a movie role which she ended up not doing in the end. She has since claimed that she ate whatever desired, no cut backs and that the eating without boundaries experience was actually mad fun for her. She however managed to lose all the 60 pounds she knowingly gained back in 2004 and succeeded in regaining her perfectly fit body shape. But she is in the list of celebrities who gained weight.

Alec Baldwin is one celebrity who managed to cut 30 pounds without so much as a hustle in order to save his life after he was diagnosed as a prediabetic. He took the initiative to lose his heavy weight so as to reduce his chances of suffering with this weighty disease which was actually related to his obesity. He has since remained slim and handsome just as he was in the late 90s.

Celebrities who gained weight

Menopause is a bitch especially where Kirstie Alley is concerned. She claims that her weight started increasing back in 2003 when she reached this stage of her life. She however managed to reduce bits of it back in 2004 but five years later her weight was at a stooping 228 pounds. However, thanks to her participation on the television show Dancing with the stars and some other exercises, she has since managed to reduce some of it.

Jessica Simpson has also credited her whooping 70 pounds weight gain to her first pregnancy as well as the brownies she was constantly gulping each time. However, she has since managed to go back to her old slim self again through a series of scheduled workout program. She also claims that her husband loved every inch of her curvy body back in the days that she was hefty.

Singer and song writer Pink is also another star who is among the celebrities who gained weight tremendously over the years and is not ashamed of it in fact she and her husband are proud of her figure. She believes in living her life the way she wants and will not be subdued to the ideals put by other people to make others look and feel bad about themselves. She refuses to lend an ear to the fat shamers and claims not to care much about little stuff like weight.

Kelly Clarkson is also another star who has struggled so much with her weight ever since she gained it in 2007. She is also more open about it and cannot let it be, even with the attacks and fat shames she gets from all over even from television News host like Fox TV Greta Van Susteren. For her the fight for her weight is still an ongoing process which she is doing everything to come into terms with each day.

Mariah Carey has recently gained loads of weight which have been entirely blamed on her recent divorce to the young hunk Nick Cannon. The end of their seven year marriage has left Mariah depressed to the point that she only relies on comfort food to keep away the loneliness that has suddenly crept in her life. She mostly spends her time visiting restaurant after restaurant in order to cope well with her breakup. Moreover, her food gorging habits are actually a thing for her after breakups and has left her on lose and gain game circle relationship after relationship.

John Travolta has also gone through a series of weight gain. Though he is willing and has admitted to trying his level best to shed off the extra pounds he still finds it hard to do so each day claiming that it was a lot easier when he was younger. But through a series of tennis games and also weight lifting he has managed to cut-off a few pounds.

Gaining weight is always easier for anyone but losing it requires a certain kind of mind set as well as discipline otherwise you are bound to remain chubby chicks forever. Our list describes a few popular celebrities who gained weight; however, there is a long list still to go.

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