Are your clothes making you look fat? How else can you explain the fact that you were looking all trim and slim last night and looking all plump and chubby today? Choosing the wrong kind of clothes can add up to 10 pounds to your body. To learn how to avoid that happening to you and other helpful expert tips and tricks, read on.

  • Wearing clothes that don’t fit.

Clothes that add unnecessary pounds to your body

It doesn’t matter whether they are a size too small or too big, they are making you look fat. Period. No matter what your actual size, trim and tailor your clothes so that they fit you perfectly like a second skin. But do make sure you are comfortable in them. You can also try on cardigans and belts to help define your look and give it an edge.

  • Wearing the wrong print.

    Clothes that add unnecessary pounds to your body
    Wearing the Wrong Print

    Prints and patterns are IN this season. But choosing the wrong pattern can end up making you look fat. Some prints actually emphasize your problem areas. Ugh! Try on clothes with patterns that flatter your body, not make you look like you just had dinner after days. Also go for prints that are proportional to your body size.

  • Tacky pieces of clothes:

Clothes that add unnecessary pounds to your body

We’re all familiar with the poor quality clothes that are available in the shops at bargain prices. These pieces of clothes are made on the lot with mediocre materials and are often found to have untidy trims and messy finishes. These tend to be really loose in some areas and really fitting in others, making you look awkward and stout. If you really have to buy them, make sure you try them on at the shop so that you’re not disappointed later.

  • Menswear pieces:

Clothes that add unnecessary pounds to your body

If you’re keeping up with the current fashion trends, menswear items must be a favorite of yours. We admit they look fabulous on you but only if you’re wearing the right sizes that are only meant for you! Men’s body structures are unquestionably different from yours, so their clothing is never going to look good on a woman’s shapely figure. Stick to actual women’s fits for these items and save you from a lot of grief.

Follow these tips and tricks so that you don’t make these simple mistakes which will end up making you look bigger than you really are.

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