Target on Fit

This season is all about the tailored short. And getting sandy and wet is no exception to the trend. Slash slim and few inches above the knee, the technique here is to recreate a Paul Newman, vintage trunk aesthete – colorful and snug for the summer. Or a short that seems south-of-France-esque, crafted from cotton and a touch chino-motivated, best for beach bar nights.

Like trousers, beach shorts need to be right fit; not too loose not to tense – especially around the plan. Don’t wear them to top on the waist, nor too low. The fastening mechanism will either button snap. The latter provides the most flexibility in the fit, with the former providing the top fit. With buttons, anyway, getting the size perfect is everything.


Ranging from mid-thigh trends to generously sized board shorts, comfortable shorts are much less formal than their tailored counterparts. Such the same rules of right apply, but you will have a best range of movement via the thigh.

Great Beach Shorts for Men

Finally, length, consider the size of your thighs. Physical height will decide how short the short be too. As a common rule, keep the hum between only above the mid-thigh length and knee, planning on a length that suits your beach style and personality.

Colour be perfect

Swimwear comes hyper, block earthy neutral tones and colours this summer season. Now that you have chosen the fit, select a colour that flows with present piece your own – colour relating your wardrobe.

Great Beach Shorts for Men

Well-tanned lads or darker complexions look to colours brights such as neon red, lime green, electric blue, primary yellow and any type of pastel. Paler gents need muted colours to title there fairness, opting for black, burgundy, mustard yellow, burned orange and forest green.

Patterns on Point

Patterns and print are beach shorts largest style statement this season. Big dots, geometric and stripes and tripped-out prints or tie dye are clear print trend across both luxury and cheap brands. For the comical at heart, novelty prints such as machinery, fruits and animals are a simple way to punch some kid-like fun into your togs.

Great Beach Shorts for Men

Full on Fabrics

Most comfortable short styles will come in polyester or mesh-lined nylon for a swishy feel and look. Pockets or not, some emulate perfect gym shorts or running gear and are top for active beach goers. Others will be made of relaxing cotton-linens and organic for the japanophile – not the top for swimming but essential beach-walk-to-bar look.

Great Beach Shorts for Men

Tailored styles are typically poly/cotton blends or some technical fabric – best for most beach activities.

Final Word

Take some time to consider well, as well as the colour and what it looks like to embrace bold prints current season. Swimwear is meant to be entertainment. But, if you are bashful and awkward in your fresh found trunks, no-one – adding your embarrassed-self – will be laughing.

So strike a balance between style and comfort. And you and your beach shorts will get along –swimmingly.

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