We all have at least single denim item in our wardrobe, and even though it may be linked with a relaxed look, denim can be worn for many occasions. Here is a list of must-have denim items current season and our best styling tips to refresh your look.

Cropped Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are creating the rounds again current season. The beauty of this style is that you can pair it with a remarkable set of heels and convert your style from “school drop off” to an evening out. A tailored jacket will also make sure your look is not dowdy but is rather refined and polished. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit classic and simple. If you have a curvy shape, accentuate your waist.  When pairing your jeans with a crop jacket, opt for denim darker coloured. If you have a petite body built, don’t cuff your jeans at the ankle to reject making an illusion of shorter legs.

How to Wear Denim for Any Occasions

Distressed Denim

Designers Randa Saome and Natalia Altewai showcased frayed denim on the catwalk of their spring summer 2016 collection in Stockholm Fashion week. It is a new take on the usual distressed denim skirt or jeans by adding an asymmetrical element. There are some things that must be remembered to reject getting this style bad. Don’t over accessorise.  Add a statement necklace, heels and sweater for a classy look and keep it easy for something a pretty more casual. A white sneaker and tucked in shirt can also job well especially when partnered with skinny leg jeans.

How to Wear Denim for Any Occasions

Denim general

Making its way back to the scene is the denim full. Once reserved for pretty toddlers in pig tails has now taken its location as a season must have for grown folks. For an excellent casual style, wear a sneaker or espadrille and well fitted sweater or shirt underneath. They also present as the best festival outfit when worn with a gladiator sandal and crop top. To make sure you reject the farmer Joe look, ensure your overall fit well and stay real to size.

How to Wear Denim for Any Occasions

Denim on Denim

How to Wear Denim for Any Occasions

Traditionally the denim on denim has been a large no-no when it comes to fashion, think JT and Brittany speares at the MTV Awards. Its emergence on the street, Beyonce and a-la Rihana, has seen a trend shift in its way. Don’t stay with the same shade of denim and mix it up a small with materials and colours. Try a maroon jacket or tan scarf to balance out an all denim appearance. Also, the distressed jeans paired with lighter denim shirt will balance each other without looking too large. Another way to twin up is to try accessorising in denim with a denim bag or shoe such as Burberry denim bowling bag.

Denim Jacket

How to Wear Denim for Any Occasions

Fendi showed hooded coats and leather trimmed jackets at their 2016 Resort show. This special take on the everyday denim jacket shows that you can wear it only about everything. For something a pretty different, try a white denim jacket as a remarkable item to incorporate the denim on denim look and paired with pants, skirts and short.

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