Fall and winter season may have forced people to wear peacoats but, with the changing temperature, the requirements are also changed and now, women have started to wear leather jackets, for both to keep themselves warm and as a fashion statement. The hottest type of jackets is the shrunken jacket, having different designs and styles to complement every individual’s needs. Although the cuts are same as the traditional jackets, their length is the jaw dropping and eye catching feature as it is something women cannot find in other jackets. Since they end before the waist and can be buttoned at the lower end, women can add sex appeal to their personality, apart from ensuring that they can fight the weather.

Jacket Designs In Fashion This Season

Jackets are the best way to make the outfits funky, hot, sexy and elegant and therefore, it would be quite difficult for women to make a choice because every time they go out, they would need a different jacket design to complement their personality as well as the event. Denim jackets can also be one of the consideration as they now have more softness that can add more feminine look to the appearance. Corduroy and leather jackets are also in fashion and are capable of matching with different apparels and occasion requirements.

Jacket Designs In Fashion This Season

Brocade has also turned out to be a good choice this year but this time, women will see new, funkier and hotter designs, just the way they want them to be. It is expected that the sales of these jackets would be like hot cakes due to their elaborating texture and amazing design. If a woman likes to wear jeans then brocade jacket combined with lace trims or velvet piping is the ultimate choice. There are some jackets having cuts at the lower end while, there are some designs that are quite experimental with long cuts (H & M). With these amazing and sexy designs, the concept and idea of wearing jackets has been changed and now, they have become more about fashion, instead of being a perfect source to keep the body warm. Faux fur is another innovation in the line with metallic finish and sophisticated look.

Here, the worth mentioning fact is that length is not the only innovation that women will get to see this season, there are lot of differences in jackets as compared to what people used to see couple of years ago. Sleeves are revamped into retro style whereas, some jackets are having that 1970’s sleeve design (Bell-shaped). Hound-stooth fabric is also coming back in a new and innovative form to make this season’s fashion industry more amazing for women. Military jackets are also giving tough competition to other jacket types. Their mini versions are combined with brass buttons and zippers to add funkiness and appeal to the overall appearance.

Jacket Designs In Fashion This Season

The best part is that every jacket type is quite versatile and can be worn with different trousers, dresses, skirts and shirts. All a woman has to do is to decide on the colors and jacket type according to the event she is going to attend.

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