Fashion keeps on changing. Being female, we want to keep ourselves up to date regarding the latest fashion trends. Each year brings new collection, patterns, and styles of outfits and attires. With the advancement in the technology, women now have access to all the new trends and designs that has been introduced in the fashion industry. The Internet has played a vital role in keep the people up to date about new fashion trends in 2016. Today, I am here to help you with all the essential and necessary tips you may need while shopping for your trendy look. I will highlight the new trends and designs in Pakistani fashion 2016.

Choice of ‘separates’

Separate shirts and kurtis have gained extreme popularity in the recent time. Women, especially girls love to purchase separate printed and embroidered shirts. After that, they match the shirts with shalwar or trouser of their choice. In this way, you can make a right combination for your outfit.

Pakistani fashion 2016
Latest trends in Pakistani fashion 2016

It is good from the economical point of view because a complete suit appears to be somehow costly and not within the budget of a common girl especially for working or college going girls. Trends are now shifting towards the use of tights as an alternative of shalwar or trouser. These tights are easily available in different fabrics, colors, and styles. Apart from that, these are not too much costly.

Shifting from long to short or normal length shirts

Long shirts are no longer in fashion. Women are now moving back to short or normal length shirts. A-line shirts are still trendy, but women are now looking for the embroidered shirts also. Embroidery on the neckline or at the bottom of the shirt is also listed in the latest trends of Pakistani fashion 2016. But keep in mind the fact that you must avoid long shirts for the year 2016. These kinds of attires are now considered as out of fashion.

Pajamas are back

Pakistani Pajamas fashion 2016
Latest trends in Pakistani fashion 2016

Pajamas always look fabulous and trendy. These are easy to wear and bring a touch of fanciness to dress. In this respect, designers have now introduced pajamas in different new fabrics like jeans, etc. These are available in popping and eye-catching colors. Initially, these were only considered for the marriage functions and parties, but now you can wear these pajamas while you are going out for shopping or even to your college or university. These are very comfortable and easy to wear. I will prefer printed or embroidered short shirts with pajamas for Pakistani fashion 2016.

Keep your outfit loose

Latest trends in Pakistani fashion 2016
Latest trends in Pakistani fashion 2016

For 2016, the trends of tight shirts are no more in fashion. Women are looking for loose fitting shirts. As a matter of fact, people are now looking for ease and comfort along with style and fashion. 2016 will be considered as the year of the anti-fit. Jumpsuits and sweatshirts are also in fashion for the year 2016. These dresses look elegant, sophisticated and stylish. You can wear high heel shoes to add a touch of fashion and style.

Revival of desi trends in Pakistani Fashion 2016

Marriage and part functions are an integral part of Pakistani society. Designers are blending the old and new styles to produce unique and exclusive bridal and party dresses for the year 2016. These dresses are not only elegant and sophisticated but also colorful. Without any doubts, the year 2016 is going to witness a revolution concerning the fashion designing industry in Pakistan. Due to extreme weather in most parts of the country, printed and embroidered lawn will remain the first choice for women. Patiala and dhoti shalwar is also being used in the lawn suits.

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