So you purchase a dress and it proves to be quite a buy; you feel as if the dress gives you the comfort of your own home and it makes you look absolutely chic. Don’t you seriously wish to wear it quite often? But oh the fear of ending up looking like a picture frame and people judging you! The struggle is real. We all desire to look brand new every day, but truth to be told, that’s not realistic for most of us! It’s like being in a bubble where repeating clothes is blasphemous! No matter how vast our wardrobes may be, repeating an outfit is inevitable. It requires great effort to reinvent your wardrobe every single day, even for the topmost fashion bloggers.  They require being creative with what they wear in order to repeat their favorite items over and over again.

It’s about time you took the big load pressure off your shoulders. Try to push creativity to reinvent your wardrobe. Reuse and recycle, wear your outfit in different ways. Don’t use the blogging community as a source of pressure to buy new stuff but as a source to inspire you on techniques to wear favorite items in different ways.  Here’s how you can repeat your favorite pieces like a fashionista!

 Reshuffle your styling:

You can wear the same thing and make it look different by shaking up the styling a little. If you wore a top with jeans and jacket before, try wearing it with a skirt and ankle strap shoes the next time.

Try Layering:

You’ll be amazed by the combinations you can come up with in your closet through the skill of layering done right. Think of creative ideas to make the most out of your clothes by layering them properly. Wear a top over a dress to make it look like a skirt, transform a short dress into a tunic by wearing it over leggings; seriously, there are so many cool ways to do layering.

Resort to Jackets and Shrugs:

The easiest way to shake up a too many times worn outfit is to team it up with jackets and shrugs. Use a blazer for a refined edge, a leather jacket for a cool vibe and printed kimono shrugs for a boho chic look.

Step up your beauty game:

Change up your makeup and hairstyle to alter your look with the same outfit. You can also accessorize it differently.  It’s all in the same details to help you look and feel stunning in an old frock or tee-shirt.

Keep in mind that plenty of pieces can be worn in different occasions. You can wear a white shirt to work as well as a casual day with jeans. On the other hand, solid colors are easier to repeat than prints and patterns that are more memorable. However, don’t repeat the same the same outfit from head-to-toe with the same crowd. And most of all, confidence is your major accessory. You can pull off anything with a perfect shot of confidence!

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