Runaway shows are known to go over-the-top with their quirky and impractical outfits; Alexander Mcqueen showing off his Speedo design, Christian Dior going for some sort of 10th century French-prostitute look and Y-3 parading their models in see-through outfits with absolutely no armholes! They receive immense praises for their original ensembles from critics and fashionistas, but the rest of us are always left with the question, “Who would really wear that?” Would you dare to wear these runaway designs?

Would you ever dare to walk out wearing a mock-turtleneck cat suit? Or a ball gown that barely covers your lower half? Well, you could but there are serious doubts you won’t end up being called a freak- show.

Runaway designs are made as a form of wearable artwork emphasizing on beauty and innovation, not on functionally. These extravagant and exciting runaway pieces are fun to make, but only a few of them are meant to be worn. Runaway shows are made this fascinating for the entertainment purpose and show creative potentiality of the designer. Designers put relentless effort to make these weird outfits because they want to be risky and entertain fashion-people. These expensive pieces also serve as an inspiration and promotion for the real moneymakers who then recreate the ready-to-wear-styles that do show up in the stores. The truth of fashion is people dig trendy and bold. Sitting through six to eight or more a day is not fun if you’re not shown the unusual. They are not an oversight, they’re simply a statement. Apparently, no one but it’s suddenly exciting when you see Marc Jacob’s big pimp hats that might be created by dyed tarantula fur or Prada’s boxy banana-printed open-neck shirt. They take you on the edge of your seat and make you play with your mind’s eye.

To sum it up, fashion designers invest large sums of money (the average runaway show costs around $40,000) to show off outfits they don’t expect anyone to buy. These shows aren’t intended to sell individual items; they’re all about publicity, prestige and overall sense of a designer’s collection.  Every fashion show follows a specific theme; whatever it may be- that are later translated and commercialized into more wearable and trendy items. These are later on sold in boutiques and fashion stores. The fabric, stuff, color and overall pattern will remain same like the original collection but the peculiar features the designer showed on the runaway will disappear. Haute couture fashion shows are the “brainstorm” with a million weird ideas and only about 1% of those ideas will be influential or practical.

Despite the runaway style being wholly impractical and unsuited for street wear by human beings, celebrities and extremely wealthy do occasionally wear these creations in public. They confidently flaunt these outfits on many events, not just the pretty designs, the bizarre ones too! For instance, Actresses Kim kardashian and Jenner Keller often show up to events in runway gear.

The runaway is the easiest way the designers get is their chance to showcase their inspirations, get media exposure, and reduce their risk when negotiating with a distribution channel and increasing revenue.

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