It is your wedding day! For most brides, it is always a challenge to look fascinating and gorgeous on the big day. Without any doubts, it is one of the most treasured and memorable day in your life. So, you never want to mess up with anything especially your look. An expensive bridal gown or exotic wedding theme would be useless if you don’t look every bit the belle of the ball. Obviously, all the brides want to look and feel at their best on the big day. It is what a bride be worthy of. A professional and well-trained makeup artist can do the magic for you. Let me tell you about some useful brides make up tips.

Start early

When you gate your date fixed, start to find out the right makeup artist because if you’re wedding date falls during the peak of wedding season, it would be tough for you to find a professional makeup artist.

brides make up tips

Choose a wedding make up specialist

As far as the makeup is concerned, different stylist are perfect in different styles of makeup. For instance, you cannot expect a TV or Film makeup stylist to make you look like a perfect bride. Try to find out a wedding makeup artist who has experience in the field of bridal makeup because he knows all the pros and cons of the bridal makeup. It’s one of the fundamental points for start up in brides make up tips.

brides make up tips

Get some ideas from bridal magazines

Bridal magazines feature hundreds of brides in their monthly editions. If you are not sure about any specific appearance, you can choose a picture from a bridal magazine and take it to your artist. Ask him to use the brides make up tips from magazines
as an inspiration for your makeup.

brides make up tips

Come wearing white

Naturally, you are expected to wear a white bridal gown on your wedding day. When you go for makeup trial, wear a complete white dress or at least a white top. In this way, your make up stylist would get a better idea about the contrast your complexion with white attire and he or she can use brides make up tips conveniently. As a result, he can create nice shades for foundation, base, lip gloss and hair color etc.

brides make up tips

Hair style

Today’s bridal hair styles are not the same as brides used to do in the past. In this respect, for trial make up, you must ask for a unique hair style, but it also compliments your makeup and bridal gown. These brides make up tips a vital role in enhancing the charm and beauty of your appearance on the big day.

brides make up tips

Faux sure

If you are going to use artificial lashes, then you must try them during your makeup trial to avoid any mess up during the wedding ceremony.

brides make up tips

Keep the records of cosmetics and other little things

When you got your desired look, take your photos and also keep the record of the cosmetics like foundation, mascara, base and all other minute details. It would be good for you to get the same look on your wedding day.

brides make up tips

You need more than a handshake

Ask your makeup stylist to stay with you till the last moment of your wedding day. Draw up an agreement with your makeup stylist stipulating the term of administrations, the costs, what’s incorporated, and who will fill in if they be inaccessible or weakened.

brides make up tips

Don’t forget to bring up your mascara

Tears of joy are always expected on the big day, so you must bring up your mascara to keep your eyes looking fascinating and mesmerizing. In a situation, if your stylist forgets to bring one, you would be facing an embarrassing situation.

brides make up tips


Don’t get disturbed by the photos taken by your Smartphone. You might have taken a photo from a wrong angle, not showing your real glamorous personality. I hope these brides make up tips would help you a lot on your big day.

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