Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets –because they never go out of style!

Stay in style – wear varsity jacket!

Just like people, there are some clothes that are memorable and timeless! They are classic and they are graved into history. In the category of forever in our hearts/ unforgettable and timeless,of famous people we will definitely place in Merlin Monroe, and from outerwear, we would definitely place the always – cool varsity jackets!

Varsity jackets or also known as letterman jackets (or baseball jackets) are jackets based upon those awarded to the winners of personal awards in many universities in U.S. Traditionally, the hooted jackets were worn by woman, while the one that featured a banded collar were worn by man. However, that is not the case today, since both styles today are worn by both sexes.

Another interesting thing about the varsity jackets is that the first (the traditional) varsity jackets were made from leather, the second colours were bright colours and the main colours were generally the colours of the university where the jacket were awarded. On these traditional varsity jackets there was also a small varsity letter sewn into the left breast. Many people, after finishing the university were removing the varsity letter and keeping them as the symbol of accomplishment.

Varsity Jackets
Varsity Jackets

Types of varsity jackets:

Now, there are a lot of types of varsity jackets. In global, we can say that the jackets of Varsity have the same style for both sports and academic lettering, and the main difference between them is mostly in patches and the placement of those patches. There are also few categories according to which we categorise the varsity jackets:

Types of Varsity Jackets
Varsity Jackets

According to the material

  • Leather sleeve/ wool body varsity jackets: this combination is the most frequent. They seem classy, casual and fancy at the same time. The traditional varsity jackets were this combination. Furthermore, this combination is a little bit specific for cleaning since it is combination from two different materials, so you need to be extra careful when you are cleaning them.
  • All wool varsity jackets: these jackets are the most practical, because the wool is very natural material which is at the same time light and strong: they keep you cooler in warmer weather and warmer in colder weather. This type of varsity jacket need to be cleaned carefully too: the best way to clean them is gently hand washing.
  • Cotton varsity jackets: the varsity jackets from this material are very beautiful, popular and tricky at the same time. They are beautiful because the material is natural and can go in combination with any other material, they are popular because most teenagers choose varsity jackets precisely from this material since they can be great for exercising, they are comfy and they absorb the moisture from the body. Yet, they are tricky since the cotton shrinks very easily, even more easily gets wrinkles. Therefore, be careful.
  • All leather varsity jackets:these are more ‘royal’ varsity jackets since they are more expensive than the varsity jackets from other materials. However, they are very practical and gorgeous. Leather varsity jackets are very warm, they last longer and can be cleaned easier.

According to the collar styles

These jackets also differ according to the collar styles, therefore we have

  • Knit stand up
  • Whiting collar
  • Wool Byron colour
  • Sailor collar
  • Hooded collar,
  • Leather Byron collar
Collar Style of Varsity Jackets
Collar Style of Varsity Jackets

According to sleeve styles

This is just another thing according to which varsity jackets differ:

  • Set in sleeves
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Sleeve inserts

Combinations of Jackets Designs in Varsity

These days, the bloggers brought jackets to live again. So, if you are a girl, here are some tips for how to add varsity jackets to your style:

Combinations with varsity jackets
Combinations with varsity jackets

If you are simple, traditional and classy, then buy a varsity jacket in black, cream, brown, white, navy/royal blue, bordeaux or grey colour with leather sleeves/wool body. They can go perfectly with your skinny black/blue/grey jeans and soft, cute sweater or shirt and gorgeous black boots. Perfect for going to school, university, for walk or coffee with friends!

If you are a sport girl, then you definitely adore these varsity jackets! A canvas sneakers, baseball cap, comfy jeans and all leather / all cotton/all wood varsity jacket is a perfect combination for you, you can wear it on the way to your gym or training, at your friend’s house or even for a walk.

If you are more feminine girl who loves showing off her feminine side, but at the same time loves the jackets of varisty, do not worry. These two can go together. Now, choose your favourite pencil dress, add gorgeous all leather black/grey/blue set in sleeves varsity jacket and catchy, stunning black heels. You can also combine it with your favourite white shirt and gorgeous leather, pencil black skirt too!  Also, do not forget that these days, some shops also make varsity jackets with flower designs that look absolutely glamorous and romantic! Use them with skinny jeans and a simple shirt and high heels! Ta da! You are fashionable, unique and feminine!

Nowadays, the boy’s style is also very popular, so if you are one of the girls who adores this style, then do not worry. You have another wonderful thing to insert into your wardrobe! Your amazing boy jeans now have a new best friend that goes with them in every combination. Add to this your favourite flat lace up shoes and you are ready to go!

Now, if you are boy, then you probably wear varsity jackets a lot already. I mean, they are perfect for your training and running. But, did you know that they are great for going out too?

Yes, you read it well. If you buy varsity jacket with jean’s sleeves, or all wool/all cotton material, or with some nicer material, you can combine it with your favourite pants, and tie and comfortable leather shoes you can make an amazing outfit for going out. (But be careful with the colours, they need to be ‘harmonized’ not contrast!). And if you are more casual type, then your shirt, sweater and jeans would go perfectly with your new varsity jacket!

Where can you buy them?

 Now, you love jackets of varsity. But where can you find them? Well on eBay or Amazon of course! The good thing is that you can choose from a lot of varsity jackets. You can search in men’s / woman’s clothing and in coats/jacket sections. In here, you can chose features for your jackets, add to which price you are searching and you have pictures of the products. Another good thing is that you can see information about the seller, his ratings and feedback reviews, which will make you more confident and sure what you are buying.

You can also visit where you can ‘personalize’ your jacket – which means you get to choose what your jacket will look like. So, why are you still reading this, go and buy your perfect varsity jacket!